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Prior results, whether in litigation or other matters handled by us (“SCLG”), or any of its attorneys or members, do not guarantee a similar result in other matters.
This web site may be deemed an advertisement.  The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and determining whether to hire a lawyer should not be based on advertisements alone.  SCLG makes no representation that the quality of legal services provided is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.  Any certifications as specialists by states or organizations are governed by those states or organizations, and are reflected on the individual biography of each person represented on the website.  Some states or jurisdictions may not grant or recognize such certifications.  Individual disclaimers are contained in the individual biographies. SCLG attorneys are admitted to practice law in the jurisdiction(s) noted in the individual biographies, and are certified or licensed as described.  If you have questions regarding these matters, please contact Walter Steimel, 1455 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Suite 400, Washington, D.C. 20004, or  All inquiries must be in writing, as designated.  We do not accept any inquiries over the telephone or social media and such inquiries will be disregarded.
We are a Washington, D.C. professional limited liability corporation.  Legal representation will be subject to the Rules of the District of Columbia Bar and its regulations, as set forth in the Engagement Letter.  Any other services will be subject to the specific terms related to such engagement as set forth in an Engagement Letter.
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